Borough Market

Borough Market with The Shard in the background

Went for a wander around Borough yesterday. It changes every time I visit – now you can see the Shard rising from just behind.

Had a very creamy coffee at Monmouth Coffee – probably the only time I drink full fat milk – but they don’t do any other. It’s always a compulsory visit – probably not the best coffee the capital has to offer – but it’s certainly rich and strong. Quite a lot of people complain about a bitter after-taste but I personally don’t get that – yesterday I got cherries and chocolate. It’s always busy no matter what the time and the queue is often out of the door and snaking around the corner.

How I love that place – but is it just me who thinks you need to take out a Borough Mortgage to shop? Neals Yard Dairy is an absolute pleasure to visit (if you like cheese) and yesterday’s free taste of Lincolnshire Poacher was an added bonus.

Neal's Yard Dairy

I even got a £1.00 off my piece of Stichelton because the nose broke off.

Collingthwaite Farm – close to Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire is where a team of merry men (and they’ve got to be – it just tastes too good to have been made by anyone other) make this creamy, dreamy cheese. The makers can’t legally call it Stilton so they borrowed the name from the original Stilton village “Stichelton” from the Domesday Book. It’s complex and sets my taste buds into overdrive – you get salty, sweet, fruity and creamy all in one bite. It hasn’t been touched yet but it’s at the front of the fridge and I know it won’t last too long.

Took a few pictures yesterday and particularly like the amazing central fishmonger

Fish and lots of it

and game seller – the subject matter is so great.

Nose to tail eating

I got there a little bit too late to sample the lunchtime food but I did go into Brindisa and have a beer and a plate of charcuterie. Again, I was too late for hot food service – the kitchen was shut – and there was only cold food on offer. The chill of the ice-cold beer alongside the peppery olive oil dipped bread and intensely flavoured Iberico ham soon had me forgetting I couldn’t have Padron peppers or clams with butter bean and bacon.

Here are a few more pictures I took yesterday.

Fresh Olive Company handing out samples
Pastries at Monmouth Coffee