Prestat Truffles

Prestat – the chocolatiers to the Royal household – have been making luxurious chocolates and truffles for one hundred years so for them not to celebrate the union of Wills and Kate would have been a massive marketing miss!

Luckily for the sweet-toothed amongst us they’re on top of their game and they’ve produced a range of truffles you can sit and scoff in front of the box as the nuptials are taking place. Whatever you do, don’t take them to the mall – there’s simply not enough of them to go around – fifteen won’t stretch that far.

Just as the pair say I do pop in a Pink Marc de Champagne covered in creamy white chocolate. For the balcony kiss (and I bet you an oozy Sea-Salt Caramel dripping out of it’s dark chocolate shell, they will) you’ll need a velvety milk coated roasted Hazlenut Praline. As they make off up the Mall to the honeymoon B&B it’s got to be the St Clements – the only thing dark about this its dark chocolate covering but it’s guaranteed to give you that sun-filled feeling even if the forecasters are right about the weather. And, when it’s all over, if you’ve got any willpower you’ll have the Fruit Truffle to savour.

All come in a really lovely Union Jack box (the kind you want to keep and gather dust until you find a good use for it.

Prestat’s chocolates are served at every major State Banquet so don’t let your street party down – add a touch of Royal glamour to your table. A 200g box costs £14.99.