Cheesy Christmas at Byron

Hands up who can eat TWO, yes TWO, 6oz medium-rare burgers in a bun?  There’s more.  Those two discs of British beef team up with bacon, pickles, lettuce, chipotle ketchup, honey-mustard sauce and Freddar cheese (£12.95)

Thank goodness the waiter in Byron Burger warned us that one 60z burger might just be enough.  That didn’t stop us ordering the Father Cheesemas with fries (£2.95), coleslaw (£2.95) and a new addition to the menu, the Holy Macaroni (£4.25) (basically very naughty Mac and Cheese with a little chilli kick).

As a guest of a friend, I didn’t want to let my eyes rule my stomach but the Byron menu is so dangerously tempting.  To be fair, we didn’t leave a huge amount and managed to make room for a milkshake.
The Freddar cheese is a Byron invention and is a combination of Cheddar, Parmesan and Red Leicester and it’s slapped on the hot burger to melt. There’s also a bacon version.
When the burger arrived it was massive.  An all-glossy brioche bun held together (believe it or not) the aforementioned.  When the sauces begin to break free, you just chow-on-down.  There’s no time to mop up, eat it while it’s hot.  Whilst you may look like a clown who’s put make up on with no mirror, no one cares because everyone looks the same.  The joys of eating a great burger.
Father Cheesemas, Byron Burger
Father Cheesemas, Byron Burger
Father Cheesemas, Byron Burger
If you can manage two burgers then you probably have the appetite for their Oreo cheesecake (£4.95), made unsurprisingly of Oreos and more Oreos.
Now after all this, as I said, we still had time to squeeze in a shake.  I haven’t stopped thinking about it.  Split (thankfully) into two glass beakers, this treacle-thick, caramel laden, vanilla ice cream-rich drink had just the right amount of pretzel in it.  Totally indistinguisable in texture, until you happened upon a small crunch.  My advice is skip dessert and head straight for the Caramel and Salted Pretzel Milkshake.
Menu, Byron Burger
Caramel & Salted Pretzel Shake, Byron Burger
We left, not over-stuffed, just comfortably numb but that maybe was a result of the Holy Macaroni.
Whilst I was a guest, this little lot came to £20.00 a head, without a tip. Not bad if you fancy a treat and your Christmas shopping arms need a well-earned break.  If you’re near Carnaby Street, head to the Byron Burger branch on the corner of Upper John Street and Beak Street, fab food, great music and wonderful staff.
Byron Burgers