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If you’re reading this page, I’ll assume you’re a PR, so welcome.  You guys keep my blog ticking over and feed me with material to write interesting posts.  This blog is personal, written by me, with now-and-again guest authors and has nothing to do with my job as a senior journalist at the BBC.

I’m a contributor to other blogs, write a blog for the Huffington Post and the occasional piece for the BBC.

Being BBC trained I am available as a contributor to both radio and TV.

I’m a Great Taste Award and World Cheese Award Judge.

I am happy, delighted in fact, to be sent products to review on my blog, so long as they are relevant.  Because I’m not on an exhaustive executive BBC salary, I sometimes receive assistance from restaurants, hotels or travel companies.   When I do receive it, I ensure my editorial integrity and independence is never compromised.  I will always reveal it when this happens,  and I make it clear that I will never promise positive coverage if my experience is otherwise.

If you’d like to get in touch, please email me at

Best wishes.




3 Replies to “Get in Touch”

  1. Hello Becky,

    I’ve never followed a blog but would like to start. What is the easiest way to follow a blog like yours as I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and would like to know when you post something new.

    I did Google this and read the following…..

    ” How do I follow blogs?
    There are several ways to follow a blog. One of the easiest ways is to visit a blog that has added the Following widget and click on the “Join this site” button under the “Followers” widget:”

    Any advice would be appreciated.


  2. Dear Becky,
    My husband and I own The Cherry Tree Inn in Stoke Row. I found your website whilst trying to identify websites with some incorrect web address information. Thank you very much for your lovely words and pictures, much appreciated. May I be a pain ask you to just update the web address please. It is no longer the .com version (the previous owner will not remove it from the web) but the following:
    Much appreciated if you can change this on the site and we do hope to see you again soon.
    Kindest regards,
    Lolly Green

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