Eat Your Way Around The Yankee Stadium

Too much time spent choosing what to eat and drink could mean less time watching baseball.  There are six levels offering everything you want but didn’t really know you did, as well as the unexpected.  Here are a few offerings in the food and drink department at the Yankee Stadium. Bring your appetite, my friends, because this is a marathon and not a sprint.


Prime Steak comes from this Madison Avenue family butchers shop which has been operating in New York since 1840. Carved medium rare before your very eyes the trick is to stop the server from filling the soft bun full to bursting. Ask for the gravy; it’s worth it and the price tag. You won’t need a knife or a fork this is messy, just make sure you get plenty of napkins and don’t wear white.

Applewood Smoked Bacon

Bacon on a stick anyone? Yep, it’s a thing. A thick bacon rasher is threaded on a stick and drizzled with a sauce of your choice.

Chicken and Waffles

What’s not to love about these branded waffle sliders? The waffles are light and fluffy if a little sweet but served with well-seasoned breadcrumb chicken which is deep-fried and traditionally smothered in hot sauce this is a satisfying comfort dish.

Tape measure Cheesesteak

It’s 24 inches and is built to share. A cheesesteak is known under many names in the States from the Philly or Philadelphia cheesesteak to steak and cheese. It hails from Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania and is a steak roll. At the Yankees Stadium, Carl’s Steak is the Tape Measure. It comes topped with a choice of white American Cheese or Cheez Whiz, a thick orange cheese sauce with ‘cheese cultures’ as an ingredient. Served on a sub roll with peppers and onions. This three-hander is for sharing, and I guess it should be at $27 and 1795 calories.

Garlic Fries

While these skin-on fries look unassuming, they’ve enough garlic on them to ward away evil spirits and probably personal conversations for days to come. Minced garlic and parsley is scattered on deep-fried potatoes and served in a plastic Yankees helmet which is yours to take away if you so wish. Just be careful washing it as the Yankees logo may rub off if you get too excited about cleanliness. Add cheese and sauce for the full experience.

Cheetos Popcorn

If you’ve got a thing for Cheetos in the US, you’ll freak over the popcorn. Not only will it stain your thumb and forefingers a chemically induced orange, but the fake cheese flavour will also have you dipping in for more. Popcorn and sticks of original Cheetos mix work in perfect harmony together in a bag large enough to share.


Raw fish at a baseball game? Choose from Bronx, New York, Tanaka Roll and of course The Yankee platter, complete with flag.

Linda’s Egg Cream

For the uninitiated, an Egg Cream is a classic New York drink similar to an ice cream soda or float and made with chilled milk, a little fizzy water and chocolate, vanilla or coffee syrup. Linda’s claims to make the best Brooklyn Style Egg creams in New York. The trick is to whip up the mixture without disturbing the frothy head. A real skill mastered with a plastic straw.

Cotton Candy

Europeans know it as Candy Floss, but whatever you call it, this is sugar, colouring and corn syrup heated and spun onto a stick. Here in the Yankee Stadium, it’s sold from the vendor’s head. Note: not everyone can carry this look off.

Goose Island IPA

Goose Island hails from Chicago and began life in the Clybourn Brewpub in 1988, which it still operates. Hoppy with plenty of citrus notes, a great IPA to drink in the steaming heat. Only served in Yankee logo US pint cups.

Expect hot dogs, Kosher and otherwise, gluten free stalls and soup.  I’d like to say soup for the winter but the Yankees don’t play when it gets cold enough for soup.

It’s the law in New York to list the calories on every product, but don’t let that put you off indulging. If you’re feeling virtuous, head straight for the Farmers Market but is that as much fun as a bag of Cheetos Popcorn? I don’t think so.